We design, build and equip healthcare and environmental facilities. We provide comprehensive design services for new construction, renovation or modernization of existing structures, and after-sales services as well.

We specialize in the design, build and equipment of modular operating room theaters, laboratories, controlled healthcare environment, automated microwave medical waste treatment and optical sorting equipment.

Modular Operating Rooms

OneMark Engineering Technologies offers modular, hygienic and integrated operating room solutions built with laminar airflow ventilation systems and other technical features recommended for ultra-clean environments.

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Biosafety Facilities BSL2+

OneMark Engineering Technologies specializes in the design and build of biocontainment facility; this level of facility prioritizes the safety of patients as well as the medical staffs from infectious microbes.

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Electro-Mechanical Systems

OneMark Engineering Technologies offers design and build services for healthcare facilities ensuring an integrated and well-associated electro-mechanical systems needed in a functional medical facilities.

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We operate as

Design Consultant
Project Manager
General Contractor

We are official distributor of ALVO Medical products.

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