In the modern operating rooms innovative surgical procedures are being performed. The right technology saves time and money of the hospital.

The operating room (OR) is a dynamic work environment in which effective team collaboration is critical to surgical outcomes. In this high-risk performance stage, lapses in teamwork can potentially lead to medical incidents.

OneMark Engineering Technologies offers modular, hygienic and integrated operating room solutions built with laminar airflow ventilation systems and other technical features recommended for ultra-clean environments.

The operating rooms we design, and build are built with medical furniture that are designed with the needs of medical staff in mind.

The furniture we provide guarantees to meet the highest standards of hygiene, functionality and ergonomics in the operating room while ensuring comfort and safety of use.

We use ALVO® Integra to our operating room control system; it is a system that enables the integration of medical equipment and operating room equipment.

Equipment and devices can be controlled wirelessly from a touch panel, which shows, in the most simple and legible way, visual interfaces of individual devices controlled by the user’s touch. The system enables the transmission and distribution of the video signal, and its architecture allows for expansion, in line with customer expectations.

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We are official distributor of ALVO Medical products.

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