Thanks to modular technology, the operating room can be perfectly tailored to the user’s needs. Modernization or technological modifications can be done overnight without disturbing the operation plan. Modular solutions are also preferred due to the shorter assembly time and the possibility of expanding with new elements or technologies.

Based on silver ion technology, Sanitized® antimicrobial protection is used in the production of ALVO’s modular walls and surgical ceilings, providing durable, laboratory confirmed protection against the development of bacteria, fungi and mold (including Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli bacteria). The spaces between the panels (about 6 mm) are filled with a hermetic silicone gasket. The gasket is also protected with the addition of silver ions, resistant to UV radiation, detergents, germicides, steam water and chemicals.

Individually designed graphics are often printed on modular wall and ceiling panels (printed on steel or on foil behind glass) to create a friendly working environment for surgeons and to facilitate concentration. Modular surgical walls are available in many different colors, graphics, and different finishing options.

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