The integrated control room of the ALVO INTEGRA operating room enables the integration of medical equipment and operating room devices.

Equipment and devices can be controlled wirelessly from the touch panel, which shows, in the most simple and clear way, visual interfaces of individual devices controlled by the touch of the user. The system enables the transmission and distribution of video signals, and its architecture provides the possibility of expansion in accordance with the client’s expectations.

The system allows you to control the following equipment of the operating block:

– operating tables,

– operating lights,

– general lighting,

– air conditioning, laminar flow,

– cameras placed in operating lamps and rooms,

– video signal distributors, monitors and recorders,

– access to the HIS system and the ability to view DICOM files.

The ALVO INTEGRA system was designed for the efficient work of medical personnel in the greatest possible comfort. Integrated control of medical equipment and devices in one place, improves the ergonomics and speed of technical work of medical staff, and the team of doctors provides immediate access to necessary data and information from the hospital network, while allowing communication with other rooms inside the hospital and the archiving of operations and treatments.

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