We design, build, and equip automated materials recovery facility (MRF) to address solid waste management problems.

Our partner SKALA AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD is a service and equipment supplier specializing in bulk material handling and vibratory process equipment. The company is known for its capability to provide innovative, efficient, and valuable solutions to enhance bulk material handling processes.

The management of healthcare waste is an integral part of a national healthcare system. We can introduce new technologies that can treat and dispose clinical waste on site. This can address the problems in clinical waste management.

Our Partner AMB Ecosteryl, a leader in the medical and clinical waste treatment industry, offers fully compliant products for both local and international regulations. AMB has perfected a process for the decontamination of hazardous wastes using microwaves. The equipment is characterized by an optimal efficiency: the patented microwave system makes it possible to achieve a homogenous in-depth treatment. ECOSTERYL is the answer to the waste removal problems faced by hospitals, problems that have become even tougher due to stricter regulations and the strengthening of hygienic and environmental regulations.

Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) waste is generated from the kitchen (fastfood, restaurants, food courts, cafes, etc.), food factories, oil mills, shipyard, automotive workshops and other industries that utilizes fats, oil and grease in their daily operation. Left untreated, this can lead to sewer blockage, Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) breakdown, costly repairs, contamination of groundwater reserves and other environmental problems.

The FM Environmental Group is one of the longest established water and wastewater engineering companies. The company is internationally recognized for providing design, manufacture, installation & and servicing of pumping, wastewater treatment and grease management equipment.

The Grease Guardian and FatBusta Automated Grease Recovery Unit can capture the FOG waste at source and real-time. The technology is designed to extract FOG waste from the wastewater stream in liquid form to avoid the decomposition of FOG waste to a sludge like material, that causes the pipe build-up and foul smell in grease traps and sewer lines. This technology can help improve the effluent quality of the wastewater.