We offer innovative and modular systems for energy generation from organic waste materials. This is the ideal solution for municipalities, private waste management companies and agriculture. Biogas generation is the superior alternative to landfilling and incineration.

The cost effective and environmentally friendly production of energy distinguishes this technology from other forms of organic waste treatment.

Together with our partner SKALA AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD we can design, build and supply the waste-to-energy system to create a new avenue for energy generation.


Large Scale Battery Storage

Energy storage systems is a solution that can address the challenges in meeting the peak level demand. This can reduce the occurrence of price spikes, threats of power shortage and blackouts.

Our partner UniEnergy Technologies (UET) provides turn-key, megawatt-scale energy storage solutions that simultaneously deliver both power and energy for commercial/industrial, microgrid, and utility applications. Those applications can be combined or “stacked” to provide maximum capacity and value to the customer.

The UET Advanced Vanadium Flow Battery – the ReFlex™ – provides critical buffering capabilities between bulk energy generation and sustainable energy use. The technology is operationally flexible, intrinsically safe, 20 year lifetime, reliable, and economically compelling. The ReFlex™ product provide demand charge reduction, peak shaving, renewable integration, ramping, frequency and voltage regulation, microgrid support, and other applications.