OneMark’s biosafety and healthcare innovations specialize in COVID-19 containment facilities, constructions and prevention.
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We are OneMark.

OneMark engaged in providing healthcare facility innovations.

We are in the business of providing and rendering technical services for various medical, industrial, or commercial plants, facilities, or buildings including planning, consultation, project management, construction management, supervision maintenance, operation, and performing other technical businesss processes.

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Services and Business Areas

OneMark Engineering Technologies specializes on healthcare facilities, systems and automation, and waste management.

We design, build and equip healthcare and environmental facilities. We provide comprehensive design services for new construction, renovation or modernization of existing structures, and after-sales services as well.

We operate as:

  • Design Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • General Contractor

The company aims to expand to environmental engineering services as part of its long-term goals.

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We are official distributor of ALVO Medical products.

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